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Friday, 24 June 2011

Pool Safety Certificates

Attention all Queensland swimming pool owners, As of the 8th of July the exemption period for swimming pool safety certificates will be over. From that date all dwellings with a non shared pool will require a Swimming Pool Safety Certificate at the time of sale, lease or re-lease of the property. Owners can find more information on this website Thanks All Mick@TenancyPlus

Monday, 13 June 2011

How Tenancy Plus Owner "Mick" spends his free time

This is one of many wonderful places in Tewantin Noosa area to Mountain Bike. You can ride on seaside paths, beautiful forest trails and wicked Single Track and Downhill trails. On this Queens Birthday weekend I did the Tinbeerwah Lookout Road and some other assorted trails, I hope you enjoy the video of my trip back down the mountain, awesome fun!!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Smoke Alarms and Tenancies

A wise man once said to me that if you cut corners and always look to the cheapest way out of an obligation it could end as a "Penny Wise and Pounds Foolish option". It is with this in mind that I will be sending all of my Landlords a letter recommending the replacement of their cheaper smoke alarms with a Photoelectric Tamper Proof Smoke Alarm which has a non removable 10 yr life battery. Thus eliminating the need to change batteries every year and only leaves the small task of cleaning and testing the smoke alarm. At the end of the alarms 10 year life (standard on most alarms) the landlord replaces it and is good for another 10 years. What could be simpler.  Please note legislation only requires one smoke alarm per story of house although this may not be sufficient so check the websites for correct positioning. For more information check  This is important information with the onset of winter upon us. Thanks All Mick@TenancyPlus.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Natural Disasters and Their Effect on Rental Properties

The Residential Tenancies Authority have a fact sheet on information for natural disasters victims. We have seen plenty of Natural Disasters in recent times in Qld so as a Lessor / Tenant we should be aware of a disasters implications. A section of the Fact Sheet reads ; A tenancy agreement does not automatically end where the premises are rendered non-livable. If the premises become non-livable, either the lessor/agent or the tenant can issue the other party with a Notice to Leave (Form 12) or Notice of Intention to Leave (Form 13) on the grounds of non-livability, but must do so within one month of the event that made the premises non-livable.   Non Livability is determined when the premises: * has been destroyed, or made completely or partly unfit to live in, other than because of a breach of the agreement, or
                                                                                           * may no longer be used lawfully as a residence. The agreement ends the day the notice is given.   I know boring reading but essential information. You can find more information at  Thanks Mick@TenancyPlus