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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Swimming Pool Amnesty

Hi to all the Swimming Pool Owners in Queensland. The government announced yesterday that there wiil be a six month amnesty on swimming pool owners having to register their pools with the Department of Local Government and Planning. That means that instead of the 4th of May (yesterday), pool owners now have until the 4th of November to register their pools. If not registered by that time the pool owner could incur a $2000 fine. To check whether your pool is registered please visit or call 1800 340 634.
Also remember Landlords and Owners wishing to sell their Properties, after the 8th of July it will be a requirement to have a Swimming Pool Safety Certificate in place if you wish to Sell, Lease, Re-Lease or Extend a Lease on a Property with a pool.                                         Thanks All  Mick@TenancyPlus

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