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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Tenants Breaking a Lease

Hi All, I had a question from a facebook friend that comes up all to often. That is what do i have to do if I want to break my lease? The answer is simple but generally not as easy as it sounds. The Tenant needs to fill in a Form 13 Notice of Intention To Leave. Given there is no circumstances to warrant the breaking of the lease such as an unliveable house or there is a breach by the Lessor or something of that nature than the tenant will be responsible for payment of the rent right up until the end of the lease or until a new Tenant is found. Some Agents may also insist that the re-advertising costs are met by the Tenant who is breaking the lease. Therefore breaking your lease could be a costly affair so give it some thought before you go ahead.
For more information on this the 17a Renting a House or Unit in Qld Guide is very useful and details on this matter can be found on page 22. Tenants are given a copy when leasing a property and you can download a copy from the RTA website.

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